Future and investment opportunities in new and renewable energy conference

17th and 18th February 2014 Intercontinental City Stars

Patronage of


Eng. Ahmed Emam

Minster of Electricity and Energy


Eng. Sherif Ismail

minister of petroleum resources

Investing in new and renewable energy is more than just an alternative to other traditional fossil energy products. In fact, this narrow vision of renewable energy has delayed its proper exploitation, when we should be looking at its enormous potential to create investment anddevelopment projects. Renewable is a means of achieving thesustainable development and progress that our country needs.

Our conference aims to showcase the plans made and implemented to this end with the participation of all industry players.

The conference brings together a wide range of renewable energy industry players, such as government authorities, officials, and companies working in the field of renewable energy in production, supplies, management, as well as companies and institutions that will benefit from the use of new energy and its resultant lower costs and greater compliance with environmental standards.

the conference aim is to inform participants about the new technology used in renewable energy, and also about companies operating in different energy fields such as solar, wind, waste and shale oil.

The conference will discuss the major challenges facing the sector’s growth, which includes fair pricing in production, as well as providing incentives, guarantees, and legislation that will help in increasing the pace of growth in producing the renewable energy, and meet increasing local demand at the same time. The latter will be of particular importance during times in which traditional energy faces supply cuts and the huge finance requirements which increase the pressure on the Egyptian budget deficit,which lies above LE240 billion.

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Great government presence on the distinct level of Ministers


General. Adel Labib

Minister of Local Development


Dr. Laila Iskndar

ministry of state of environmental affairs


Mr. Hisham Zaazou

Minister Of Tourism


Dr. Ayman Farid Abu Hadid

Minister of Agriculture


Eng. Abd El Aziz Fadel

Minister of Civil Aviation


Mr.Gaber Eldesouky

Chairman of the Holding Company for Electricity

img (9)

Dr. Adel Rady

Prime Investors Association guides Marsa Alam

img (1)

Dr. Mohamed Salah Elsobky

Director of the Energy Research Center

khaled hegazy

Mr. Khaled Hegazy

Director of External Affairs and Legal, Vodafone Egypt


Mr. Ahmed Elsabbagh

Director of the Research Institute of Petroleum


Mr. Ahmed Elswedy

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Swedish

img (4)

Mr. Ashraf Salman

president of Cairo Financial Holding


Mr. Atter Hannoura

Head of Unit partnership with the private sector

img (6)

Mr. Hassan Abdel Aleem

Chairman of the Board of Directors of MOBCO


Mr. Hisham Sherif

head of a production company


Mr. Maged Karam Eldin

senior technical experts Alaqilmy place for new and renewable energy


Mr. Mohab Hallouda

director of the energy sector of the World Bank in Cairo


Mr. Mohamed Baydoon

Chairman of Suez Oil Co. "Soko"


Mr. Mohamed Mousa Omran

First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity


Mr. Mohamed Shuab

head of the energy group Castle


Mr. Navbed Syrian

ambassador to India


Mr. Osama Kamal

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, former


Mr. Wael Elnashar

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oonnera


Osama albakly

head Khalda Petroleum Company


Dr. Galal Osman

BM in solar energy association, Chairman of Wind energy association

aktham abu eleal

Dr. Aktham Abu Elela

First Secretary, Ministry of Electricity


Dr. Samuel Armacanqui

General Development -RWE

sherif sousa

Dr. Sherif Sousa

First Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Products

tamer abu bakr

Dr. Tamer Abu Bakr

Chairman of Petrol and Mining chamber, chairman of Energy Committee FEI

Abdel Nasser@AlManzil

Eng. Abdul-Nasser Taha

Mivida Development Director, Emaar Misr

tarek tawfik

Eng. Tarek Tawfik

Vice chairman of - FEI


Mr. Bader Al-Lamki

Director of Masdar clean energy - U.A.E.


Mr. Hany Ibrahim

Renewable energy&Energy efficiency Marketing Manager - Schneider Electric

mohamed Ali khier

Mr. Mohamed Aly Khair

speaker in BMG


Eng / Mohamed Tahir

Vice Chairman of the General Authority for Petroleum Planning and projects


Dr – Geological / Ahmed Abdel Fattah

Executive Vice-President of the Commission for exploration

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Mr. Ahmed Gamal
Phone : +2 01001183654
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Future and investment opportunities in new and renewable energy conference

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Future and investment opportunities in new and renewable energy conference

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